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Tonki, a great love ❤️

Tonki is a bizarre story, born by chance on a London afternoon. It was 2012, super cheap flight, backpacking and off to surprise my girlfriend. I like to hitchhike: I take a piece of cardboard and write "147 Kilburn High Rd". Finally a truck driver stops and takes me to my destination. During the trip I fold the piece of cardboard and put it in the backpack. I have decided that I will give it to Ale in memory of that adventure. I arrive home and give her the surprise, she sticks a picture of us on it.


After 8 years and one more daughter, Tonki Kids is born! It is a spring afternoon. We get ready for a popcorn picnic in the garden. Pop, pop, pop, popopop ... the explosion in the pot begins and in the eyes of Sveva, 2, we see all the amazement in the world. Between one potion and another, between a saucepan and a cauldron, we have baked magical games, cardboard games to assemble. We started taking cardboard scraps home to entertain Sveva and slowly it all started! A grain of corn turns into popcorn. Magic: that's what inspired us!

why cardboard? 📦

Because it is magical: it is recyclable, ecological, versatile, light, economical ... in one word: wow! It is everywhere, but it is treated as a waste to be eliminated, we want to give it a new life by getting children used to using it and loving it from an early age!

here we are!

Ruggero 🐺
Sveva's father and Tonki's CEO

"Table strategist and master in diaper change."

Sveva is Tonki's first daughter and fan

"I like milk, sleeping and staring at weird chandeliers."

Alessandra is Sveva's mother and Tonki's Social Manager

"Multitasking between bottle and computer."
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